In 2000, I retired from 40 years of teaching vocal music in public schools. It wasn’t until the fall of 2005 that I decided it was time to get back to doing something else I really loved. So I returned to performing when I joined a New Jersey group called the Acoustic Musicians Guild. In December of 2005, I met a wonderful guitar teacher, composer, and performer. Patrick Karwan encouraged me to fulfill a four-decade dream of doing a solo album. Back in the “That Was Then” era of the sixties, I sang with a folk trio called The All Night Singers. We recorded on the Reprise label, and played East Coast clubs. But when 2006 arrived – the “This Is Now,” my goal was to sing classic ballads, some of the many songs that Patrick wrote, and covers of songwriters I have long admired. My second album, released in December of 2007, includes more covers, as well as original piano compositions. My third CD, "To Vermont With Love" was released in April of 2009. This was my first CD of all original material, and it includes an 8-track set of keyboard pieces and vocals, entitled the "Lake Champlain Suite." On June 15, 2010, "Soundscapes of the Jersey Pinelands and Coastline" was released. There are 20 tracks of quiet keyboard pieces inspired by the wonders of nature found in the Jersey Pinelands and the better-known Jersey Coastline. There are also four tracks of "Love Songs without Words." In 2013, I started work in the studio for the release of a new CD, the projected title being "Remembrances." My thanks are given to my supporters: my husband Bill; daughters Sage and Jen; Patrick and Judy; Tommy and Allison and Ed; Alex at ASM, Gary at Design Fool, Denise, Gail, Suzanne and Tony, Anthony, the AMG members; to all the listeners at the Green Planet, and to Gillian and her First Friday musicians. Special thanks go to Sage Lutton, my guest artist on my first three CDs.