Thank you for visiting my webpage. You can find contact information and hear long samples of all the tracks on my CDs. "Soundscapes of the Jersey Pinelands and Coastline" was released on June 15, 2010, the fourth since 2006. It has 24 original tracks of piano music meant to sooth and calm the listener. This was all recorded on a newly purchased Roland RM 700 digital piano, and so it is different from the first three CDs, which were a mix of cover songs, original songs and keyboard pieces. In June 2015, I celebrated my 80th birthday by releasing two new cds. "Born in the Country" is a cd of 16 covers of different genres, and one original song. "Remembrances" is a 21 track cd of original piano compositions, all quiet, lyrical and contemplative. Now into the year 2017, I continue to perform, loving working with other musicians, in trios, and doing solo work also.